Responsive Web Design is Important for B2B Sites


Responsive Web Design is Important for B2B Sites

By 2017, 5 billion people around the world will be using mobile devices. It is important to have a mobile friendly website as the use of smartphones and tablets increase.

What The Heck Is a Responsive Website?

A Responsive website resizes the appearance and layout of the screen a website is displayed on. It’s designed to make the content easier to read on smaller screens. “Responsive websites respond to their environment.”

Keeps Google Happy

Google recommended that responsive websites is the way to go.  Having Google on your side is an important goal for any business. It helps Google to easily index your content. User-experience is now becoming a ranking factor for Google to help with better SEO results.

Stay Ahead of the Game

A lot of websites are not utilizing responsive web design. You will be ahead of other businesses if you invest in this technology.  Businesses will eventually start adapting to it due to the increase of smartphones and tablets.

Keeps Your Business Flowing

More consumers are buying online than in stores. Why waste gas to deal with crowds, when you can shop from the comfort of your own home, and have your merchandise delivered to you. You don’t’ want to lose business from does consumers do you?  By not having a responsive website you risk losing customers and money.


It is important to Optimize websites for mobile devices in order to capture visitors and conversions. Why create and optimize three separate sites for desktop, mobile and tablets, instead of using a responsive website that can create one single site and be optimized for any device. Remember to keep in mind that Google penalizes you for having separate sites for each mobile device.

Check some of our examples of responsive web design.

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